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HMBANA's New Look

HMBANA is delighted to welcome you to our new website, which features easy navigation, an up to the minute blog, and dynamic visual images of milk banking.

Alongside this important development, we are also proud to share the results of our rebranding effort, which is now complete.

Our new logo includes a dual shaded, three part milk drop, symbolizing our collective mission as a network of nonprofit milk banks. Likewise, our tagline, "Mobilizing the Healing Power of Donor Milk," signifies that our 27 nonprofit milk bank members share the same core values and guidelines.

As part of HMBANA's strategic plan and our W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant, this new look is integral to our broader goal of advancing community based, nonprofit human milk banking. We promote a world where all infants have access to human milk through support of breastfeeding and use of donor human milk.