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Establish a Milk Bank

Are You Interested in Developing a Nonprofit Milk Bank?

Opening a milk bank requires a team steeped in food manufacturing and food safety processes and legislation. If you are passionate about donor milk and want to bring milk banking to your community, HMBANA encourages you to reach out to your nearest HMBANA member milk bank before considering your next steps.

You may elect to partner with them to serve as an outreach center, distribution center, collection center, or in some other way before investing the considerable time and resources required to develop an independent, nonprofit human milk bank.

HMBANA member milk banks must be located within the United States or Canada and be initiated with strong community support. Accreditation not only requires adherence to HMBANA’s “Standards for Donor Human Milk Banking” but also makes one eligible for membership status, as per HMBANA’s bylaws. As a membership organization, HMBANA accredits and supports member nonprofit milk banks. However, HMBANA does not assist in milk bank development.

Before developing a milk bank, you will want to consider if:

  • Your state, province, or broader area already has a milk bank.
  • Whether creating a milk collection depot or dispensary site might be a more strategic way to fulfill your vision.
  • If you and your team are prepared to invest the considerable amount of human and financial resources involved.

Here is a detailed description of some of the key things involved in developing a nonprofit milk bank that is eligible for HMBANA accreditation and membership.