HMBANA advocates for policies that enable nonprofit donor milk banks to help save the lives of fragile infants. These policies include:

  • Expanding insurance coverage. Currently, there is no federal coverage for infants who rely on donor milk.
  • Government funding to increase capacity. Allow milk banks to respond to emergencies and natural disasters quickly.
  • Increasing awareness of nonprofit milk banking. Educate the public about the benefits of donating and receiving safe donor milk.

These policies can help ensure that babies who need donor milk have guaranteed access to it. We must put systems in place so that every baby can receive the best available source of nutrition.


Breastfeeding Advocacy

HMBANA member milk banks participate in the broader breastfeeding community by joining local and state breastfeeding coalitions that advocate for lactation education and support. On the national level, HMBANA participates in the United States Breastfeeding Committee.