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HMBANA member milk banks work with researchers to optimize the use of donor milk. Researchers wishing to conduct studies using donor milk are required to receive approval from the HMBANA Research Committee for their project. HMBANA is particularly interested in investigator-initiated basic science, clinical research, and qualitative research involving donor milk, milk donors, and milk recipients. Interested in conducting research about donor human milk? All research requests must be submitted to the HMBANA Research Committee through this intake form for review and approval.

As an applicant, you must:

Submit a research protocol with background, the research question, the timeline, and the study protocol.

Conduct research that increases understanding of human milk's unique properties and/or its appropriateness for specific medical conditions or populations.

Conduct a survey/qualitative/epidemiological inquiry related to human milk and/or human milk banking.

Agree to pay the processing fee charged by the milk bank supplying milk for my research.

Agree to acknowledge any relevant milk banks in publications pertaining to this study.


HMBANA does not support research that strives to create a substitute for human milk.

HMBANA does not support research funded by an organization that produces a substitute for human milk.

Approval by the HMBANA Research Committee does not guarantee the availability of donor milk. Researchers are encouraged to work with HMBANA member milk banks.

Inquiries from the industry are rarely supported.