General Sessions

  • A Doula Story
    The documentary Brenda mentioned, “A Doula Story,” is a powerful, touching, and informative movie about a HealthConnect One-trained doula in Chicago, produced in 2005 by the Kindling Group and aired on PBS.  It can be found at this link, or via iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix.

    “Some of the girls do come here, and they haven’t been parented in a nurturing way. Unless you feel that feeling, you don’t know how to pass it on. And, I tell them, ‘Is it okay if I give you a hug?’ And they’ll tell me ‘Yeah,’ and then I’ll give them a hug. And then I’ll say, ‘Now you see how that felt? I’m hugging you, not trying to get anything from you. Nothing but a feeling. Nothing but to take you where I am.'” ~ Loretha Weisinger, Community-Based Doula, in “A Doula Story”